If you make a choice to enter this house and be a part of the  sober living environment provided by Phoenix Rising Sober House you must agree to the terms outlined in this handbook. PRSH is a sober living transitional house and the following guidelines are set up to ensure that the house operates in a respectful manner. The guidelines ensure that all residents understand what is expected of them to promote a cooperative environment. Any resident who violates the house guidelines is subject to immediate termination forfeiting any remaining program fees.

House Rules

  1.  Alcohol and drug use, possession, paraphernalia, and/or sales are strictly prohibited. Any resident, who is found to have used, is under the influence or in possession of drugs or alcohol on or off the premises will be immediately dismissed. All residents will submit to random drug testing upon discretion of the management. Failure to provide a urine sample will result in immediate program termination.
  2. Violence or the threat of violence will result in immediate program termination.
  3. There is no smoking allowed in the house. A smoking area is provided outside in the rear of the property.
  4. Participation in the weekly house meeting is mandatory. There are no exceptions.
  5. All resident are expected to attend a minimum of three 12 Step meetings, (such as AA, NA, CA, etc.), per week.
  6. Resident will agree to obtain a 12 Step sponsor and  1 commitment at a meeting (i.e. coffee maker, clean up, chairperson, etc.) within 2 weeks of entry into PRSH.
  7. Sexual involvement between residents of PRSH is prohibited. Pornographic and sexually explicit materials are not allowed.
  8. Residents are expected to keep there bedrooms neat and clean at all times. Beds must be made immediately after use. No food is allowed in any of the bedrooms.
  9. All living areas will be kept clean, neat, and safe. In keeping with that goal, each guest will be assigned a chore that is to be completed as assigned.
  10. Visitors are expected to be clean and sober, as well as courteous to other residents. Any visitor who appear to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be asked to leave and will not be welcomed back.
  11. Residents and visitors are expected to be good neighbors, and not just “non-disturbing” neighbors.
  12. Residents on parole/probation must comply with parole/probation restrictions. The program is required to disclose any problems immediately to parole/probation authorities. Residents on parole/probation supervision must provide PRSH with the name, telephone number and location of there supervising officer, and adhere to all of the court stipulated orders.
  13. All legally prescribed medication obtained from a licensed physician must be made known to management. Any long-term medications found not to be conducive to a sober living environment may result in termination of residency.
  14. All guests are responsible for there own medical condition and/or treatment. Assistance will be offered in case of emergency by way of 911. PRSH will not assume financial liability for such emergency treatment.
  15. All residents must work and participate in community service.
  16. All items left at Phoenix Rising Sober House after thirty(30) days of leaving the facility will be considered a donation.

Grounds For Dismissal

  • Refusal to comply with the rules and regulations as set forth above
  • unknown absences
  • Failure to provide two week notice of intent to move
  • Positive drug test
  • behavior that disrupts a harmonious house
  • Violation of parole and probation