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  1. Photomanipulation Retouching Color Grading Tutorials
    We will be covering a lot of things in this massive tutorial. You will learn step by step how you can create any cartoon character you imagine using photomanipulation, retouching and color grading techniques. With only stock photos and Photoshop (or your own) you can create a unique caricatures That can be a logo, a mascot for a product, a character in an at, etc .. You can of course use the same techniques in this tutorial Explained in through more subtle way, to spice up your portraits or images.
    This tutorial has a massive 89 steps detailing the entire process to Achieve the image above and do not worry, all my tutorials can be done by anyone who has basic knowledge of Photoshop. Unlike other tutorials you’ll sometimes see out there, you do not need to be a skilled digital painter to Achieve the same results I get here – as I’m not a good digital painter myself;) and many other professional functions immediately visit our website >>

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